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SEO on SEO Crime

When you’re in the search engine optimization game, you encounter a lot of distrust wherever you go. People don’t understand SEO, so they treat every interaction like you’re a mechanic in a skeazy shop, telling them their radiator has snake-tubes or something. To be honest, we can’t fault people for feeling this way, because there are so […] Read More

Local SEO Statistics – May 2013

You know what fuels a lot of SEO? Data. Data is the blood of the industry and good low cost SEO services are like vampires, sucking up all the data they can and using it to power their efforts moving forward. Good news for us, a local SEO industry survey just dropped, and it’s full to the […] Read More

In Memoriam Image SEO

The past few months have represented the quiet death of an SEO error. There was no fanfare, no mournful songs were played and no beautiful, young wives stood weeping by the casket. It was a death that had more whimper than bang. At first, we thought it was an aberration, surely it could be revived? […] Read More

March comScore Data

The reality of being an SEO company is that your life revolves around data. Successful SEO means gathering all the information possible into a great big pool and then pulling a Scrooge McDuck into it. That may seem excessive, but any little number, any single digit, any stray array, can mean the difference between you […] Read More

Search Engine Market Shares

It’s time again for another month’s worth of search statistics! Which search engines came out on top at the end of 2012? We’re pretty sure you already know the winner, but the other numbers may surprise you. In fact, they may represent a shift for your Digital Marketing Company movie forward. The winner for December 2012 was, […] Read More

Landing Pages More Important Than Ever

To say that content is king is becoming trite. People have been spitting it as dogma for so long that it’s turning into white noise. This is a dangerous thing, because quality content is becoming more valuable every day, especially on important places like landing pages. In fact, let us go over some landing page […] Read More

Google Sacks Raven Tools

We all know that Google is a powerhouse, but in the past they have been a fairly reasonable one. For all the brawn they possess, they let people get away with a lot of activities that are probably technically infractions. This is what makes it so shocking when they truly bring their guns to bear. […] Read More

Congress Gets A New Search Engine

Everyone wants a more powerful search engine, and that includes the United States Government. As anyone who watched School House Rock knows, our law-making system can be fairly convoluted. That’s why this week the U.S. government is rolling out a new search engine to help the politically minded population research legislation being discussed in the […] Read More

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