Just for Your Dealership: JTT Episodes You Might Have Missed

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It’s officially been one year since we started this weekly series of SEO and Digital Marketing tips. And what a year it’s been. No seriously…is it 2021 yet? Not yet? Well, if you haven’t been watching all along, let’s circle back on what we’ve covered here on JTT since…well, since 2020 first starting going to sh*t.

Jay: The Quarantine Months

Let’s be honest, back in mid-March, none of us knew what the hell was going to happen from one-day-to-another. To support social distancing, Wikimotive employees went remote for over 10 weeks which left “Just the Tip” firmly on the shoulders of one man, and one man alone. And he covered a lot…

Beginning with the importance of creating original video content.

Even now, six months later, CDC and social distancing policies are in place everywhere. Consumer behavior has changed. And you don’t need us to tell you how important your online presence has become, or how you’ve had to modify your approach so as not be tone-deaf to the evolving needs of today’s consumers. Easily digestible video content on your website and social media feeds continues to be a huge part of communicating the efforts of your dealership.

And to that point, we covered some affordable-and-easy-to-use equipment that your dealership should have on-hand to create the best-quality video content. These video, audio and lighting options cost next to nothing but can help you to stand out from your competitors.

Which brings us to Facebook’s video guidelines. Facebook is arguably the most important social media marketing channel you have in terms of connecting (and growing) your local audience. If you’re going to be creating original video content for Facebook…you’re going to want to know these guidelines.

Next up, came a three-week series introducing the various analytics you should be using to gauge the success of your Facebook efforts. First, we made things all about your dealership by walking you through Facebook Page Insights and then we made things personal by doing the same with Facebook Audience Insights. Taking it one step further, we wrapped things up by exploring the analytics tools Facebook offers to you assess the success of your videos.

But is Facebook the only place you should be posting your dealership’s videos? What about YouTube? What are the pros and cons of each. We covered that too.

And then followed it up by covering the analytics tools offered by YouTube. As well as 7 Easy Ways that you can optimize your YouTube content to help it gain traction.

Which brings us to June, and our impending return to the Wikimotive offices. Before taking a well-deserved rest, Jay got us rolling by talking about content. First, the importance of your dealership’s content – introducing a tool that could help to get things started. Then, by offering 8 things your dealership needs to know about user-generated content. That’s content created by your customers and even your employees.

By now, we were back in full swing beginning with Josh & Kyle, who covered the 5 steps your dealership needs to take to optimize your Google My Business listing.

Kelsea: Content Management

Enter Kelsea, straight outta quarantine, and ready to talk about content. And rightfully so! When it comes to SEO, CONTENT IS KING! First, she covered the 3 types of content your dealership’s website needs. Do you know what they are? If not, check these videos out. Kelsea even gives you 4 tips for your dealership’s local content, and 9 steps that you can take to improve the overall quality of your content. Jay even popped back in to to talk about optimizing your content for SEO.

Aaron: User Experience

Which brings us back to Aaron, who offered a killer 3-week series on user experience covering (i) the importance of Page Speed (ii) 3 Tools you should be using to asses your page performance and (iii) 5 steps you could take right now to speed up your dealership’s website. Remember, your customers deserve a satisfying user experience and – without one – you’re losing business.

Kyle: Content Delivery

Picking up from Aaron and Kelsea, Kyle served up a 3-week series of his own, covering some important aspects of content delivery. From (i) the response codes you need to be aware of (and understand) to (ii) the importance of crawlability, and (iii) ways to troubleshoot any issues related to your site’s crawlability – these were episodes you need to check out.

Josh: Data Integrity

Which brings us to our most recent series, a 2-parter where Josh brought everyone up to speed on 6 specific issues that are – quite literally – affecting dealerships everywhere. How do we know this? Because we encounter them all the time while on-boarding new clients.

Click here for Part One…and here for Part Two!

So, there we are: a ton of actionable steps your dealership could take TODAY. If you haven’t checked out any of these videos , take the time to do so and get caught up. What do we have in store for you moving forward? Well, we’re going to continue upping the ante, covering everything you need to know about Automotive SEO, User Experience, Data Integrity, Content Management, Social Media, Reputation Management and Multimedia Production to make 2021 a banner year for your dealership.

So join us next Thursday, and every Thursday, right here on “Just the Tip”.