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Facebook Trying to Buy Snapchat

Remember when Facebook was on the cutting edge of social media, drawing in all of the kids and generally just being the cool place to be? You should, because it was only a few short years ago, but these days, the social network is entering its dotage. As we wrote about last week, Facebook is […] Read More

Teens Leaving Facebook

  Facebook has long been considered the dominant marketing platform as far as social media is concerned, but is that still true? Sure, the numbers are still huge, but the problem stems from who makes up those numbers. An increasingly large amount of parents and grandparents are getting in on the Facebook game, and now, […] Read More

The ROI of Facebook Ads

Traditionally, it has been hard to track the ROI of social media, but Facebook has been making things a lot more quantifiable. Advertisers have been doing research, and now we have some hard numbers to share with you, courtesy of the new report released by Nanigans. Let’s take a look at Facebook’s ROI and what […] Read More

Mobile is the Winner in Facebook Marketing

Facebook advertising it’s a difficult field to navigate. People aren’t sure what to trust and what actually has any positive affect at all. Basically though, you can break it down into two categories: running ads for likes and running ads for sales. Running ads for likes is not worth it. People argue about the exact […] Read More

Facebook Adds Verified Accounts

Facebook is getting into the the account verification business this week. Now, you can currently verify your account on your own by giving a phone number, but this new verification is a little different. It’s essentially a copy of Twitters verification system, where popular public figures who may be impersonated are given a check mark […] Read More

Facebook Ads Gettin’ Creepy

In case you’ve been worried that Facebook doesn’t know enough about you, you can breathe easy. It turns out, the social network knows more about us all than we’ve previously suspected. The good news is that there doesn’t seem to be any big brother conspiracies going on, they’re just using all that data to market […] Read More


The hashtag has long been the domain of Twitter, but Facebook isn’t happy with the dominating social market-share they already possess, and they’re coming to eat Twitter’s lunch. The Social Network is rumored to be adding hashtags of their own to the site in the near future. We can already hear the joy emanating from […] Read More

Facebook’s Newest Round of Changes

Facebook is about to unleash it’s newest update, and now is the time for the savy small business SEO company to get into the game. SEO and social are fully intertwined now, and Facebook is so large that a Facebook overhall may as well be an SEO overhall. Check out the example of their new design after […] Read More

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