Don’t Just Produce, Innovate!

As marketers, weʼre always looking for the hottest new thing to get our brand in front of people. For ages, we had signage and print ads, then we progressed into the auditory realm with the radio, then it was video ads on TV, and finally, the ultimate advertisers playground: the internet. Online marketing is the fastest growing advertising area, and […]

Deciphering Facebook Insights

Facebook has had their analytics tool called, Facebook Insights, for a while now, and since its conception it has grown more and more complex. Insights are now able to show Facebook Page Admins all kinds of useful information which can be a huge help when trying to hone your Facebook marketing strategy. However it can also get a little overwhelming, […]

There’s A New #1 Factor For SEO Ranking!

SEO is a like a clock, always shifting, and kept true by machinery fathomless to the general population. Even people who make a living learning these intricate machinations are, at best, constantly battling to stay relevant. The hidden algorithms utilized by search engines like Google keep us on our toes, demanding constant vigilance and supreme dedication to the craft. That’s […]

Wikimotive Case Study:

Wikimotive Case Study:

As marketers, we need to allow ourselves to be both leaders and followers. It’s important to innovate and move forward, if you’re always playing catch-up, how can you get ahead? At the same time, we can’t disregard something just because it’s been done before; necessity demands that we embrace the successful to survive. The trick is finding a healthy balance […]

New Targeted Ads On Twitter

Twitter has really blossomed as a powerful tool for digital marketing. With one of the largest and most active communities in all of social media, there is no denying that the service merits your attention. Any time you can reach such a massive group of people for short money, you know it’s in your best interest. And now, Twitter is […]

Making Sure Your Web Content Is Working For You Not Against You

In any good dealership search engine optimization campaign you need to establish your dealership as a credible industry leading source of information. This can definitely be a handful but there are a few easy guidelines you can follow to make sure that your web content is helping your case rather than hurting it. Creating great content on a regular basis […]

Google Finally Makes The Full Switch To Analytics v5

Can you believe that it’s been a year since Google announced the new Google Analytics? Before now you didn’t have to make the transition if you didn’t want to but now, a year later, Google is killing version 4 and version 5 will be the only option. The link back to “Old Version – Reporting” has been removed from the […]

Should you add your business to Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has become the go-to resource for an increasingly large number of people. According to Alexa, it is currently the sixth most visited website both in the United States and on the planet. With such an enormous audience, it’s only natural to want your business to have its own page, and with Wikipedia’s content submission system, it’s easily possible. Being […]

Social Media’s Role In The 2012 Summer Olympics

Social Media will be playing a large role in this years 2012 Summer Olympics. During the last Summer Olympics in 2008 most of the major social media sites were still just getting started, and internet users have increased from 23% to about one third of the total world population. This year at the Olympics Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter will be […]

Where should you spend your SEM budget?

When it comes to your advertising dollar, you always want the most bang for your buck. Google has long been a favorite, dominating the market and practically commanding every dollar of your search engine marketing budget. It has been true for so long that many companies don’t even bother with the competitors, but is that a wise decision?

Choosing The Right Domain Name

Much like naming a child, choosing a domain name for your business website can be a long and arduous journey. Its a decision that could have a huge effect on your whole online marketing strategy going forward.  The instinct is to choose the domain that’s the same as your business name, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes your business name […]

How To Monitor Twitter To Get More Business Today

Any business can, and should, be getting more out of their twitter account simply by utilizing monitoring techniques. There are many sites and services out there that let you search all of twitter for certain keywords. The benefit of this should be obvious to any decent salesman. If you can sell on a cold call or shotgun advertising techniques, how […]

Have You Run An SEO Audit On Your Site?

Your website could be the most beautiful looking site of all time on the outside, easy to use well designed, and plenty of great engaging content, but how does it look on the inside? All of those things are important to your dealership’s Automotive search engine optimization but sometimes what’s going on behind the scenes can have just as big […]

Writing Content For Your Web Site, Do’s And Don’ts

Have you ever seen a beautifully designed website, one with crisp graphics and a flowing layout, that just didn’t deliver the right information? In the rush to get a site smoothed and polished, small businesses often forget about quality writing. Someone involved hammers out some copy and up it goes. Don’t let this happen to you!

5 Tips For Better Facebook Management

Everyone understands that it’s important to have a Facebook page, and a Facebook marketing strategy, but you need to be sure it’s not stagnating. Once you’re established, your new goal should be gaining as many fans as humanly possible. It can be tricky sometimes, as people aren’t always keen to follow a business on their personal page, but it’s possible. […]

New Study Shows Just How Much Social Media Affects Search Results

We’ve known for a while now that social media signals are used in Google’s search algorithms but now a new study done by Searchmetrics details just how important social  media really is. In light of this new info social media marketing is more important than ever, and just having a profile and a few fans or followers isn’t going to […]

The Hard Facts About Mobile Sites

Here in the year 2012, even the most old fashioned of businesses have an online presence. Even if it’s just the equivalent of a Geocities page, people have recognized the value of having at least their basic information on a website. Now though, there’s a new browsing trend that’s growing exponentially, and businesses are again proving slow to adapt. You’d […]

Top Tips For Tweets

Social media marketing is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy. There are a few major players in the game, the biggest is probably Facebook, but Twitter is a close second. Some even claim Twitter is MORE important for businesses because of its ability to handle rapid fire posting and its accessibility on mobile devices. So for […]

Social Media Relevance In SEO

There is an interesting storm brewing in the SEO field, one that could have serious ramifications for a lot of businesses. Currently, the primary SEO strategy for many, many campaigns is link building. Content is posted, links are directed, and all too often it doesn’t even matter how many people truly view or value the content. It’s all about the […]