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Yoast for SEO

I’ve written before about the benefits of using a plugin to boost your SEO on WordPress. It’s simply a game changer as far as SEO is concerned. It can take a decent blogger with a modicum of SEO knowledge and bring them to the next level. It is one of the first things we here […] Read More

10 Great SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is an incredibly versatile platform. These days, it’s for a lot more than just blogs, too. Many businesses run their entire sites on WordPress, and it’s a great idea for a lot of reasons. Namely, it’s customizable, easy to use, free to setup, and it’s pretty well loved by Google. All in all, WordPress […] Read More

The Major SEO Players

The SEO industry is a strange one. It’s extremely niche when you get really into it, and like any super focused niche, strange celebrities begin to emerge. It’s kinda like when you start getting really into backgammon and all of a sudden you find yourself wearing Paul David Magriel Jr. jerseys around town, talking about the […] Read More

The Hot New SEO Spam for 2013

  Is there anything better than a nice breakfast of crispy hot spam? Oh…what’s that you say? Pretty much anything? Well, guess what buttercup…Google feels the same way, but people keep trying to serve up spam all the same. One technique is hammered and gets you penalized, and the army of  spammers (the ones who […] Read More

Are You Organic?

Going green is the trend right now, but being environmentally friendly isn’t the only way that you can go organic. You’re presented with another organic choice every day when you use Google. The top two results represent that corporate choice, the paid listings. The rest of the results are the great wild beyond, also known […] Read More

Will Website Downtimes Hurt Your Rankings?

Downtime is a dirty word amongst a lot of webmasters. Any time your site is down, that’s time you’re not getting new visitors, not making new sales, and not collecting new leads. Occasionally, though, downtime is a necessary evil. Things need to be updated and tweaked and mistakes happen. While downtime is always bad for […] Read More

6 Anchor Text Alternatives

What kind of anchor text are you using for your SEO? I was surprised to learn recently that many people are still using only exact match anchor text as part of their strategy. Since the latest round of Panda and Penguin updates, using exact match SEO will get you hammered by Google, so it’s time […] Read More


Have you ever heard of It’s a search engine service that was built around the idea of privacy first. They don’t log your IP, they don’t track cookies, and they definitely don’t pull Google’s over-your-shoulder search suggestion antics. This brand of privacy-first web search has become very popular over the past week, and as […] Read More

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