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301 Redirects or Links?

by Timothy Martell on February 27, 2013

Wikimotive 301 Redirects When creating new pages, you always have the choice of how to include them in your current website structure. The standard is if it’s a new page you link to it, and if it’s replacing an old page you do a 301 redirect. There are urban legends surrounding these techniques though, and they cause many Webmasters and SEO for small business experts no small amount of grief. [click to continue…]


Automotive SEO: Link Building

by Timothy Martell on August 29, 2010

link building seoI’ve said it many times before and you’ve likely heard it from other sources as well, “Content is King”. If we believe this to be true, then link building also called a backlink is most definitely the queen of seo. The reason you must have more than just quality content is that Google (and other search engines) evaluate both the number and quality of websites that link to your web pages. This is a fundamental component (the foundation upon which the search algorithm is built) of how and why one website ranks over another. [click to continue…]


Automotive SEO: Advanced Site Structure

by Timothy Martell on August 14, 2010

In the last article I discussed basic website structure. Once the basic website structure of your site is set up, you can use several other advanced structural techniques to optimize your site for SEO purposes. It may seem counter-intuitive, but in addition to having your content indexed, you may want to tell search engines not to index a particular page. A robots.txt file tells search engines what they can and cannot do. This file can also provide a way to prevent copyright infringement as well as preventing search engines from consuming too much of your server’s bandwidth. [click to continue…]


Online Marketing: The Website Pt. 2 – Build your House

by Timothy Martell on August 4, 2010

digital marketingSo you’ve accepted that your foundation was broken and now you’ve got a new one (see Online Marketing: The Website Pt.1 before you proceed). Great! You’ve got the right team or the best website provider in the biz, a STRONG foundation right? Now what? Time to begin building your house! Like all houses, you need to start with a floor and 4 walls and a roof: Content, Links, Forms, Phones, Directions and Images… [click to continue…]