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Is There an ROI to Blogging?

A smiling Tim Martell in a ad for navigating SEO
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Too many dealerships are missing the ROI (Return on Investment) train that can easily come from having a blog for your business.

Sharing informative articles can do many wonders to your search engine optimization and even your Facebook marketing and other social media efforts.

Content Marketing has become prominent in the land of marketing, so why aren’t you blogging yet?

3 Reasons Your Dealership Should Have a Blog

1. Build Brand Authority – Help potential customers believe that you know your vehicles. Build the brand trust that you are knowledgeable.

2. Create Unique Content – Creating unique content can provide quality content to share to your social networks, for others to share and not to mention, is well liked by algorithms in social and search.

3. Show Up in Search – Like I said, unique content is well liked by search engines and social media algorithms, which means people can create social actions that will provide your business social signals, giving you a boost in search authority.

What Type of Articles Should I Write for My Dealership?

Here are some helpful article topics that your dealership should write about.

1. Industry News – What’s happening in the Automotive Industry? Think about conferences or SEMA etc.

2. Automotive History – People love to know about the classic vehicles of yesterday.

3. Automotive Facts – Readers enjoy learning new facts about the vehicles they drive.

4. Dealership News – What is happening at the dealership…a function, charity or food drive?

5. Brand Specific Topics – Information and news surrounding the vehicles you sell.

Remember, you do not want a blog floating in space, you definitely want it connected to your dealership website to obtain the positive attributions we listed here.

Just having a blog is not enough, people need quick access to your website and social accounts as well, so keep that in mind when building a blog.

Be sure to also be consistent. You do not want to have blog posts that are too far apart, keep it updated so you can not just gain readers but also, retain them.

Finally, ensure each article is of quality and not jam packed with keywords that look out of place. You want your articles to be as natural as possible.

Another pro tip, is to ensure that your articles are evergreen, which means that they can be shared at any time no matter the month, year or date. (Many of our article topics above will help you with this.)

The ROI of blogging is not just one “thing,” it is made up of many that can lead to social signals, higher search rankings and increased website traffic.

So…why aren’t you blogging again?


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