Navigating SEO: How to Sell Your Boss on SEO

Sell Boss on SEO

“I couldn’t sell my boss a pen if he was trying to cash a million-dollar check!”

Selling your boss has very little to do with the fact that they’re tough or often balk at the idea of adding new expenses. Those are things you tell yourself to help soften the blow when you don’t get your way.

To help you change your thinking and sell your boss on SEO, I’ll step you through a few of the ways you can break through and make your boss see the light.

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Navigating SEO: How to Be Realistic with SEO Expectations

SEO Expectations

SEO and realistic expectations don’t go well together. On both sides of the aisle, there are issues that harm the digital marketing campaigns of businesses across the country and cause doubts about SEO as a viable and ROI-driven service.

The problem starts with SEO vendors. For years now, the focus has been on achieving “#1 rankings” and “dominating” specific markets. Unfortunately, these claims can’t be backed up, even by the largest marketing companies out there due to changes made to Google’s algorithm. Some may actually be able to follow through with certain promises, but they really have no guarantee until the results actually appear. And oftentimes they don’t.

Because of the claims and marketing from vendors, many businesses associate SEO with keyword rankings and other face-value metrics. Despite being advised otherwise, they simple won’t take organic traffic increases, conversion rates, and other key metrics into account. Everything comes back to individual rankings, which are becoming less and less important as Google provides each user with a more customized experience.

If you’re the market for SEO services, here are a few things you need to know in order to be more realistic with your expectations and hopefully find a vendor that provides quality results using the most up-to-date techniques.

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Snap and Save via an IS20G8 Elfie Selfie!


Attention IS20G8 participants!

As you mix and mingle in the fabulous Big Easy, we want to add a little jingle to your step! You’re gonna want to keep an eye out for the “Girl with the Elf.”

Once spotted, allow Elfie to introduce you to the Wikimotive crew by sharing a selfie and saving big on digital marketing for your dealership in 2016!

How much can you save when you take a selfie with Elfie?

As our gift to you this Holiday Season, dealers who snap a selfie with Elfie at IS20G8 are eligible to sign up for ANY of Wikimotive’s award-winning SEO, Social Media, and Reputation Management services at a 50% discount for 90 days, beginning on January 1, 2016.

What to Do…

All you have to do is connect with Wikimotive’s fabulously creative Director of Reputation Management, Amanda Ryan, during the three-day conference in New Orleans.

Tell Amanda you want to snap a selfie and save on Digital Marketing in 2016 with Wikimotive and let the unwrapping of this amazing gift begin. That’s it!

So start scanning the crowds today and save big by snapping an IS20G8 “Elfie Selfie!”


Wikimotive Gives Back to Selfless Colleague

IS20G - Cormier - Wikimotive Giving

As the season of giving and the 2015 Internet Sales 20 Group 8 sets to kick off next week in New Orleans, the team at Wikimotive is honored to lend their support to Jeff Cormier and his family.

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Wikimotive Celebrated for Curiosity at Dealer Inspire Awards Ceremony


What fun is innovation without celebration?

We wouldn’t know…

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Navigating SEO: How to Focus Your Business Content Efforts


Content Marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of digital marketing employed by businesses in 2015. Where traditional advertising (even online) has its limits, content marketing’s only limit is your business’s creativity.

But with all sorts of options out there for creating content, where do begin?

In this post, I’ll give you a quick guide to help you focus your efforts and create the best content possible to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

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Navigating SEO: Beginner’s Guide to Search Intent

Beginner's Guide to Search Intent

As Google releases more and more updates, the search engine becomes capable of understanding intent behind different search queries at an advanced level. This leads to an increased need for online marketers to review their SEO strategy to ensure it aligns with Google’s constant updates.

The most important thing you can do right here and right now, however, is to master search intent yourself to target the right keywords, gain more traffic, and reel in more customers.

In this post, we’ll go over the fine details of search intent and provide examples to help you identify and capitalize on more opportunities in your niche.

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Navigating SEO: How to Create Content That Attracts Links

Create Content That Attracts Links

What do you want from SEO? If I had to guess, I’d say “more traffic” or “more leads” are at the top of your goals list. The problem is, those things don’t just happen on their own.

One way to accomplish these goals is to pursue link building by creating amazing content. Links are one of the most important signals Google uses to rank websites. They act as endorsements and help Google understand how sites are related and which pages offer the best information on any particular topic.

Below, I’ll provide a guide to help you better understand link building, learn from the success of other sites, and create content that people want to link to from their sites. Using this strategy, not only will you be creating quality content, but the links earned will translate into more targeted traffic within your industry or niche.

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Navigating SEO – Creating Value: It’s What SEO is All About

Creating Value with SEO

If you follow the SEO industry, you’ll know that there’s a constant debate about whether or not the practice is really “SEO” (search engine optimization) anymore. Because for the most part, it’s not. Sure we still do on-page optimization that helps create search-friendly pages, but that’s only one small part of what most SEO companies provide moving into 2016.

Instead, most of what Wikimotive does as an SEO company boils down to one core principle: creating value. There’s no room for outdated, time-wasting SEO tricks anymore. You either add value to everything you do or you won’t succeed.

But if you’re looking for a little advice on how you can succeed with SEO, you’re probably wondering how to go about creating value on your site or your client’s sites. Below, I’ll discuss two of the most important components of SEO and how you can use that core principle of creating value to do better work each and every day.

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Navigating SEO: What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About SEO

What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About SEO

Navigating SEO is a syndicated blog series by Timothy Martell, CEO of Wikimotive. In this series, Tim breaks down ways car dealers and other local businesses can improve their SEO, offering insight into how it will benefit business. This week’s column was written by Wikimotive’s Mark Frost

Whether or not you like fantasy football, there’s no denying its hold on American football fans. According to American Express, nearly 75 million Americans plan to play fantasy football in 2015. This is up from the reported 57 million U.S. and Canadian players that participated in 2014.

With numbers that high, I’m willing to bet good money that a few of you reading this column are in a fantasy football league. And if you’ve managed to land on this page, that means you’re also interested in SEO. Whether that means you’re just learning to build new skills, better market your business online, or have taken a more expansive marketing role within your company, SEO can help.

The only problem is, SEO is a complicated practice. Breaking it down isn’t simple either. To help with this, I’ll use something that millions of people are familiar with (fantasy football) in order to help you better understand the advice you’ll read and actually learn to apply it to your own work.

Here’s what fantasy football can teach you about SEO:

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