Welcoming Brandon Parker Director of Social Media

The team at Wikimotive is proud to introduce its latest hire, Brandon Parker. Invoking old school journalism, we enlisted our Managing Editor to pose a few questions to Brandon and highlight what makes him such an asset to our company. Without further delay, check out their brief interview…

Brandon, what brings you to Wikimotive?
Years of marketing experience and the drive to increase sales. I’m excited to execute successful social media marketing strategies that I’ve learned throughout the years to help our clients increase sales.

What unique skills do you consider your trademarks?
I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset my entire life. I’ve always looked at something and asked myself, “How can I improve that?” I have a wide range of experience, from setting up POS systems for stores, merchandising displays, teaching snowboarding, and, of course, extensive experience in social media marketing. All of my past endeavors play a vital role in the skills I use every day at Wikimotive.

Our team at Wikimotive is made up of individuals with varied and vast interests. Got any hobbies we should know about?
I’m an avid Jeep and off-road enthusiast. I’m part of a 4×4 club based out of central Massachusetts called The North East Rebs. We organize toy drives and holiday dinner deliveries to veterans in need, in addition to exploring and off roading throughout New Hampshire. I really enjoy helping our local community through a multitude of outreach efforts throughout the year.

Of course you’re a Jeeper! How fitting. Let’s hear more about this Jeep!
I’ve always been fascinated by Jeeps and the carefree adventurous lifestyle that goes along with them. I’ve owned a Jeep since I first got my license. I’m on my third Jeep so far and I love bringing my vision to life by modifying Jeeps myself.

Why Wikimotive?
The focus on results and the team-based atmosphere! I immediately felt right at home with the team. The business model is non-conventional—we don’t utilize contracts, for example. The ability to apply years of my own experience to existing strategies really benefits our clients. This overall atmosphere really makes Wikimotive an awesome place to work!

From the entire crew at Wikimotive – Welcome aboard, Brandon!


Welcoming Josh Billing, Front-End Developer & QA Specialist


Wikimotive is pleased to introduce the newest member of our development team, Front-End Developer & QA Specialist, Josh Billings.

Working closely with Wikimotive’s CTO and co-founder, Andrew Martin, Josh takes on the critical role of content publishing and front-end page development. After all, our writers can produce the best content on Earth, but someone with a sharp eye for detail needs to bring that content to life on the web. Josh Billings is that someone!

Josh is the younger brother of COO, Zach Billings, but rest assured there is no nepotism here! Josh brings to the table a keen and flexible intellect, with the ability to problem solve and think outside the box, while keeping himself necessarily grounded to crush through miles of code.

Josh brings with him a fascinating and accomplished history as Wikimotive’s youngest employee to date. IDF_1After voluntarily enlisting in the Israel Defense Forces, Josh learned to speak, read, and write fluent Hebrew in just three months, and went on to become an Anti-Tank Infantry Sergeant in the illustrious Nahal Brigade. It was in the IDF that Josh gained a profound appreciation for operating as an invaluable piece of a larger whole, and it is that attitude which shines through in his exemplary efforts at Wikimotive.


The Wikimotive team is thrilled to have Josh on board, and we look forward to him growing alongside us.


Employees Are Your Business’ Greatest Reputation Management Asset


Employees are hired based on their ability to perform and complete specific job functions. What is often overlooked is the significant role employees play in the business’ reputation.

In the past, managing a business’ reputation was purely a matter of effectively handling public relations. This, alone, is no longer enough.

In today’s world, technology has greatly altered the way businesses’ reputations are formed, monitored, and managed. Social media and online review sites are major factors in evaluating how a company is performing, but a businesses’ reputation does not start with online reviews; it begins with your employees.

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You Have More in Common with Your Customer Than You Think


When a potential buyer walks through the door, calls you up on the phone, or chats with you online, your immediate reaction is to find ways to connect with them to provide quality customer service.

You engage in small talk by chatting about the weather or current sport scores, hoping to uncover similar interests to aid you in providing great service. Although this approach is useful, you already have more in common with your customer than you think.

Stored in the back of your mind is a toolbox full of methods from courses you took or books you read about how to provide excellent customer service. However, there is one vital piece of knowledge you can use when offering customer service and it is the one thing all of us possess — the experience of being a customer.

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Navigating SEO: 4 Problems Still Plaguing Dealer Websites

Dealer Website Problems

Your website is the most important part of your digital marketing strategy. Even with a large budget, you could fail to achieve results if you’re lacking the foundation necessary to convert visitors into leads and sales.

In this week’s Navigating SEO column, I’ll detail a few of the problems that still plague dealer websites years after being pointed out and condemned by the automotive SEO community.

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Navigating SEO: 3 Ways to Improve Your Dealership’s Keyword Research

Keyword Research for Car Dealers

Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere with SEO? It’s tough to pinpoint the exact reason you’re not seeing results, but there are ways you can improve your process to push through and start seeing green numbers.

Keyword research is one of the smallest things you can improve upon; however, it can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful car dealer SEO campaigns.

In this week’s Navigating SEO column, I’ll provide three tips to help you improve your dealership’s keyword research using proven methods used by Wikimotive to boost our automotive clients’ SEO.

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Navigating SEO: 3 SEO Content Tips to Boost Traffic and Conversions

SEO Content Tips

In 2016, every business wants to use content to get more traffic to their website. From there, they want to better convert those users to boost client sign-ups or sales. But none of that comes without understanding some fundamental facts about SEO and how to create better content.

To give you a leg up on your competition, I’m going to give you three important SEO content tips that will provide you with more knowledge on what goes into a great piece of content.

You’ll be able to use this information to better research, write, and design content pages that bring in business to boost traffic and increase your conversion rate.

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Navigating SEO: Best SEO Advice to Kick Off 2016

Best SEO Advice for 2016

New Years is more than just a time for personal resolutions; for your business it’s a perfect time to commit and stick to resolutions to make 2016 your best year ever.

If you’ve been procrastinating on your digital marketing, I won’t shame you. Instead, I’ll present you with some of the best advice that you can use to kick off your own SEO campaigns.

We’ll likely have a lot more to talk about by the time 2016 comes to an end, but the following tips will provide you with a solid foundation to start seeing results in the new year!

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Navigating SEO: How to Make the Most of Link Building in 2016

How to Make the Most of Link Building in 2016

Link building isn’t dead, and it’s not likely to die in 2016. If you want to build authority for your website to increase organic traffic, link building is still a crucial component of SEO.

The problem is, you may not be aligning your link building efforts with the standards that will lead to success in 2016.

In this post, I’ll step you through a few of the ways you can get your link building hat back on straight to see more success than ever before!

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Navigating SEO: How to Sell Your Boss on SEO

Sell Boss on SEO

“I couldn’t sell my boss a pen if he was trying to cash a million-dollar check!”

Selling your boss has very little to do with the fact that they’re tough or often balk at the idea of adding new expenses. Those are things you tell yourself to help soften the blow when you don’t get your way.

To help you change your thinking and sell your boss on SEO, I’ll step you through a few of the ways you can break through and make your boss see the light.

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