The Symbiosis of Healthcare and Marketing

It’s hardly a well-kept secret that the healthcare industry exists within a perpetual state of precariousness. As a society, we look to the wide array of healthcare professionals for unbiased solutions to issues related to our personal well-being. However, as with members of any industry, those professionals offer a series of products and services that [...]

No-one is Disputing This Similarity Between Law Firms and Digital Marketers

As you sit there either (a) entrenched in the logistics of your own Law Firm marketing, or (b) running your practice on little more than referrals, you’re inevitably wondering how you can build clientele and increase your revenue stream. And while you may fall into the category of legal professionals who (through either education and/or [...]

Another Happy Homeowner — Thanks to a [REALTOR] (backspace, backspace) [DIGITAL MARKETER]

Now, before you get offended, rest assured that we’re not here to bash the noble profession that is Real Estate. And yes, we mean that sincerely. As a Realtor, you possess the unique ability to make a dream come true, to connect hard-working men and women with their dream of homeownership. That’s huge. And if [...]

Is Your Online Presence Driving Customers TO You (or FROM You?)

The core of any successful business, regardless of its size or the industry it’s found within, comes in the patronage of its clientele. Some businesses thrive upon a large volume of one-time purchases, while others are reliant upon incremental repeat business. Years ago, the difference depended simply upon (i) the quality of product and/or service [...]

The Legal Industry Has Misused Video. Are You Guilty?

How many lawyer jokes can an industry endure before it loses all credibility? Fortunately, the nature of our legal system (and society as a whole) does all but ensure the longevity of lawyers and legal practices throughout our world. Facilitating everything from criminal and civil proceedings to real estate transactions, there are very few major [...]

Making the Dream of Home Ownership More Visible

If asked to explain the motivation behind their choice of profession, a real estate agent might provide you with any number of reasons. In many cases, real estate agents operate as independent contractors, granting themselves the often-coveted ability to ‘be their own boss.’ This empowers them to gain control over the growth of their business, [...]

Take Two Minutes of Video & Call Me in the Morning

In today’s world, so many aspects of the Medical community draw the continual ire of the masses. From outrage over the profiteering practices of the Pharmaceutical industry to constant criticism of the costs associated with Health insurance providers, a large share of the general public has voiced a growing sense of detachment from the healthcare [...]

Making Your Automotive Marketing Worth a Million Words

If seeking a real-world example of ‘necessary evil’, one could argue that ‘Marketing’ is a near-perfect choice. A crucial component of any business’s continued success, a well-realized and multi-tiered marketing initiative should be designed to communicate any (and all) messages, to any (and all) demographics, using the most effective platform for each. Just last month, [...]

Marketing “Higher Education”: What You Need to Know

As an institution of higher learning, you are focused on the use of education to empower your students to find greater success in all fields of business. That said, you mustn’t lose sight of the need to empower your business to find greater success in all fields of education. Simply put, this requires an ability [...]

Pharmaceutical Marketing: The Value in a Digital Partnership

Projected to reach $1.12 trillion by 2022, the global pharmaceutical industry is slated for a 6.3% annual growth for the next four years, with most of that growth slated through 2020. And with a growing societal dependency on the products offered up by the industry, it feels fair to posit that such growth isn’t going [...]