Hospital Marketing

Notify Potential Clients that Your Business Provides the Best Services

Potential clients are no longer relying on word of mouth as they seek a new hospital, and they aren’t inclined to stick with any previous businesses. Instead, they’ll refer to the internet as they’re seeking more affordable healthcare. By maximizing your online presence, hospitals can reach these potential clients and convince them that their specific services are unmatched. Wikimotive makes this a distinct possibly thanks to their array of marketing strategies, including social media, search engine optimization, website design, and reputation management.

Finding and Securing New Clients

Wikimotive will execute a number of clever strategies as they look to attract new clients to your specific business. We want any visitors to immediately grasp everything that your hospital can offer, and an inviting website or webpage will have them continually exploring your available services.

  • Intuitive, eye-catching web design
  • Proven social media campaigns
  • Reputation Management
  • High-quality content that utilizes SEO strategies


Wikimotive Will Reach a Wide Range of Potential Clients

It can be tough recruiting new clients for your healthcare business. Fortunately, Wikimotive’s various services will lead consumers directly to your website, and this will lead them to your clinic or business. Thanks to services like search engine optimization, reputation management, or social media, your business will see an immediate return on investment.

Wikimotive Provides a Number of Useful Services

  • Non-traditional Marketing Techniques
  • Website Design
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Monitoring

Wikimotive Will Work with You to Maximize Your Healthcare Marketing:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Ability to target specific demographics
  • Engaging social media posts
  • High-quality content
  • A transparent, expert marketing partner
  • Easy-to-measure results

Who We Serve

Expert Medical Marketing Techniques

Wikimotive Will Work With Our Clients Throughout the Entire Process

More than ever before, customers are now relying on the internet to find their next practitioner or healthcare provider. As a result, your business needs to capitalize on all of the available digital marketing advantages. It’s impossible to effectively run these mediums yourself, so you should turn to Wikimotive to handle all of the medical marketing needs.

Speak to a member of our team today, and you could immediately get started on the process of maximizing your medical marketing.

Wikimotive Easily Recruits New Clients

Thanks to our expert strategies, Wikimotive can help maximize your medical business’s online footprint:

  • Unique, well-written content
  • Optimal placement in search engine
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media strategies

Digital Marketing

Wikimotive is focused on attracting prospective clients to your business. The healthcare industry requires us to target these consumers at the opportune time: when they’re seeking a provider. By utilizing our expert marketing strategies, you’ll begin generating more leads, and this will lead to more clients for your business.

While we’re determined to boost your online standing, we’re ultimately focused on guiding all prospective clients to your business.

See Results ASAP

There’s no denying the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and reputation management, especially in the healthcare industry. 20% of Google searches pertain to healthcare, emphasizing the opportunity you have to capitalize on digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Internet users tend to click on the links that show up towards the top of a search engine, and Wikimotive is focused on assuring that your business appears on the top of those listings. When you opt for our services, our team will work with you to develop and execute a plan that highlights your business, while also accounting for all of the SEO intricacies. Before long, your healthcare business will rank atop all of the top search engines’ listings, and this improved visibility will ultimately influence your amount of leads.

Content Marketing and Blogging

Any Joe Schmo can utilize keywords to boost their search engine standing. However, by failing to differentiate yourself from others, you’ll be limiting your healthcare business’s online potential. Wikimotive produces high quality content that is engaging and informative. This will lead to consumers visiting and staying on your website, and this will inform them of all of your services.

Reputation Management

From primary care physicians to teaching hospitals, individuals and groups employed in healthcare services are held to the utmost standard of assessment. With social media growing increasingly more influential in everyday decision-making, medical professionals must remain vigilant. The implications of publicly-shared third party opinions upon their perceived trustworthiness can be monumental. Whether good or bad, word-of-mouth has become as fast as a mouse-click or finger-swipe, and the audience has become almost limitless. For this reason, effective reputation management should be a priority. 

It’s about trust. 

Just as potential clients need to trust in their healthcare services, service providers need to trust in partners who are able to reinforce their integrity. At Wikimotive, our Reputation Management services do exactly that. As part of our digital marketing for Healthcare Services, we are dedicated to protect all elements of your online image, ensuring more positive engagement with patients and creating a web presence worthy of your esteem.

Although important to any business, increase in patient referrals is simply a by-product. True success comes in the assurance felt by those who benefit from your valued services.

Video Production

Embrace the changing marketing landscape and consider video production.
Whether your videos will be produced to highlight your services or provide medical insight, these marketing methods have proven effective in today’s day and age. Video now accounts for around 50% of mobile traffic, emphasizing how important it is to capitalize on this medium.

  • 55% of online users watch videos everyday
  • Four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a movie than read an article about a business
  • Utilizing video marketing increases revenue by as much as 49%
  • Videos included in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%

Leave a Lasting Impression

Now more than ever, healthcare companies recognize how important digital marketing is. However, few businesses are taking advantage of video content. Now is the time to secure that advantage over the others. This method won’t only help boost your current number of clients, but it can also influence their future impression of your company.

Intuitive Website Design for Your Healthcare Business

A high-quality website that emphasizes your high-quality services.

A consumer’s first impression of your healthcare business will be presumably be based on your website, so it’s essential that your page is expertly designed to both engage and inform. Wikimotive’s top-notch websites will give you an extra advantage over your competitors, and you’ll inevitably see an increase in your number of clients.

83% of patients visit an applicable website before booking an appointment.

User-Friendly Website Design

Wikimotive’s websites aren’t solely intended to impress. These pages will effectively inform prospective clients of all your services, and the expert design will keep these visitors on your website.

You Take Care of the Healthcare. We’ll Take Care of the Website.

Revamping your healthcare business’s website to help maximize your potential.

Website Management: Wikimotive will work with you to design a website that adheres to digital marketing best practices without compromising your unique requirements. Throughout the entire journey, we’ll update you about the website’s progress, and tweak any designs when necessary.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): It’s no longer important for your website to show up on search engine listings. Rather, you want your healthcare business to appear towards the top of those listings, and Wikimotive’s expert strategies will assure that your company ranks before your rival’s.

Content Marketing: Our expert team of content writers will produce high-quality posts that will inform clients of your various services. All the while, they’ll also account for SEO strategies, allowing your business to realize its online potential.


Unmatched Digital Marketing Solutions and Website Design for Your Business

Leave it to the experts to handle all of your marketing needs.

Wikimotive will work with your business to help boost your online presence. Nowadays, dentists can’t solely rely on traditional methods to guide clients into their business. Rather, they have to capitalize on innovative strategies, and Wikimotive is here to help!

What to Expect From Wikimotive

Boost Your Online Presence With Our Array of Offerings

Website Design: Like it or not, clients will base their impression of your business off of your website. Therefore, it’s important that your webpages are intuitive and patient-friendly. This will keep users on your site, which will inevitably lead to more clients for your business.

Search Engine Optimization: Searching for a dentist in your town will surely bring up multiple results. Wikimotive wants to get your business to the top of those search engines, leading prospective clients to visit your website first.

Content Management: Original content is one of the best ways to drive clients to your website, and Wikimotive will produce high-quality posts that utilize the best SEO techniques. As a result, clients won’t only be reading one article off your site, but they’ll continue to peruse what else you have to offer.

Online Reputation: You don’t want future customers to see any negative and inaccurate testimonials about your business. Wikimotive will assure that your reputation remains pristine, emphasizing why customers should choose you as their next dentist.

Why Wikimotive?

Wikimotive doesn’t want to take complete control of your digital marketing. Rather, we want to work with you to assure that we’re highlighting the most important aspects of your business without compromising optimal digital marketing tactics.

Digital Marketing

Patient-Friendly Websites. Expert Digital Marketing Solutions.
Wikimotive wants to put your plastic surgery business on the map, providing you with an advantage over your competitors. We utilize a number of digital marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, social media, and reputation management. Our team of experts will develop an unmatched game plan, allowing you to break through your digital marketing ceiling.

77-percent of adults have searched for healthcare via search engines, and 77-percent of patients booked their appointment after visiting a website. This emphasizes how important it is to boost your digital marketing and build a user-friendly, intuitive website.

Wikimotive Marketing Strategies

Boost your leads and clients by teaming with Wikimotive. We provide all of the services you need to reach your potential.

Patient-Friendly Website Design: You don’t want potential patients to simply visit your website. You want them to stick around. Wikimotive’s website design team will create a medium where clients can learn about your business and, ultimately, commit to your services.

Search Engine Marketing: It’s essential to boost your online standing, as customers are inclined to choose a business that shows up towards the top of a search page. By utilizing expert search engine optimization tactics, we can assure that your plastic surgery business appears above your competitors.

Content Management: High-quality content will have visitors engaged with your website, and this will inevitably lead to them opting for your services. Wikimotive will produce posts that won’t only have these clients visiting your website once, but hopefully for years to come.

Support: Wikimotive doesn’t want to do this alone. We’ll work with you throughout the process, assuring that we satisfy your needs without compromising SEO best practices and strategies. You can also contact us at any time of day, and we’ll guide you through potential issues, addressing your questions and concerns.

Reputation Management

Trust is a big aspect of the plastic surgery industry, and customers will surely rely on your business’s reputation as they determine which surgeon they should opt for.

Our reputation management team will hide those inaccurate reviews and highlight the top testimonials.

  • 80-percent of health inquiries begin online
  • 60-percent of patients refer to reviews before making a decision
  • 41-percent of patients said social media would impact their healthcare decisions

Don’t Look Any Further Than Wikimotive

Wikimotive ultimately wants you business to succeed, and we’ll do all it takes to boost your SEO standing. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started!