2012 Game Changer: Google’s +1

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The Good, The Bad, and The Guru

A lot of fuss is being made of late, of Search Plus Your World. And for good reason, love it or hate it, this is going to make a huge impact on search results now and for the foreseeable future. This is great and there are some great simple steps you can take to create your Googles Plus account. There is actually very little to do other than add a photo and tagline and start sharing.

But no one is talking a whole lot about the +1 itself. Sure we’d like to assume if we create a nice page and put lots of great content on there that +1’s will follow. But let’s face it folks; Google’s new toys are always just that: toys. Little testing, and no guru’s have taken a crack at breaking or gaming them yet. In other words, can you >buy plus ones

Well, we’ve employed a strategy and tested the results and they’re profound. Gain a nice steady flow of  +1’s and the Google Search Gods will smile upon you and grant you unparalleled domination in SERP with your highly +1’d content!

Getting lots of +1’s is easy when you know what to do, but very time consuming due to the amount of time one needs to spend engaging people on google plus. Therein lies the beauty… The results allow you an unfair competitive advantage. It’s also, what google wants! So this “Gaming of the system” is one Google WANTS! Hallelujah!

But where can a car dealer go to get someone to get Plus 1’s for them?

Wikimotive is announcing +1’s for Car Dealers! We have developed a strategy where we can acquire +1’s at a steady rate from real verified google plus accounts owned by real people over the course of days, weeks or months which remains consistent with google’s guidelines!

We are selling +1’s for $2 per +1 and offer discounts for large orders.

To find out more contact us!

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