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Social media is quickly becoming integrated into every level of our culture and soon it will take on another new role. A newly re-branded company now called Chirpify sees social media as not just a place to advertise and build an online presence for your brand. They have taken the next step and are offering services to allow companies big and small to use social media to actually conduct commerce.

Chirpify is a service that takes advantage of the huge reach of Twitter, and enables consumers to buy, sell, donate, and conduct transactions directly through Twitter. The platform allows businesses a simple and easy way to turn tweets into sales. This could completely change the way that brands and consumers interact through social media in the future.

The functionality of Chirpify’s service is very simple and easy to use. Chirpify connects directly with PayPal to allow transactions over Twitter to be secure. Users can make donations or purchases just by replying to a tweet with a keyword such as “buy” or “donate.” For example, if I wanted to donate to a politician’s campaign I could just reply “@politician Donate.” For merchants and brands who have this Chirpify service all they would have to do to sell products on Twitter is just click a “list on Twitter” button in the Dashboard.

Sounds like an excellent service to me and it definitely seems to be moving social media into a whole new realm of e-Commerce. There are already some services that allow a virtual storefront for brands on Facebook and I fully expect to see more of these kinds of “Social Media Commerce” services popping up all over the place. If you thought people were obsessed with social media these days just wait until they start doing all their shopping through Twitter and Facebook as well as social interaction.

Whether or not you’re looking to sell a product directly through Twitter, there’s little arguing these days that a Twitter page is critical to your business growth! Contact Wikimotive and we’ll give you a free analysis of how you’re doing with your current page! If you don’t have one we can design one within 24 hours!

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