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The original article was posted on the Social News section of Tumblr by our good friend, JD Rucker. This is a prime example of how quickly things can change in the world of social media. Not even a month ago I posted an article stating the power of as a social media and SEO tool. Today not only is it losing its usefullness in this regard, but is no longer viewed by the social community as a valuable resource for legitimate news as it has been overrun with spam…

There are words that would normally have never left my lips (or in this case, fingertips).

Digg, please moderate your front page.

The bury button is gone. I can accept that now, even if I believe that it was a useful tool against spam. I understand that there were issues with the bury button that made it often hurt the site and prevent good content from hitting.


If you are no longer going to give the power to the people to prevent spam from hitting your front page, then at the very least have someone check the Top News section every 10 minutes. Just a quick peak. Normally, only 1 story rolls on in any given 10 minute interval so it shouldn’t take but a couple of seconds.

There is no reason that MobileMonopoly(dot)com should have been allowed to stay on the front page for over 10 minutes. It shouldn’t have stayed for over 1 minute. It was a phishing site that was challenging to even leave. Hundreds of people may have clicked on the link. It could have (should have) been snubbed from the beginning.

It’s as if you do not realize that as a trusted social news site you have a responsibility to your millions of users to keep links like this off.

It wouldn’t take much money. You can probably get voluteers. Heck, I would volunteer. While I would never recommend anything that would break the user-voted nature of the site and turn it into a Slashdot, I would strongly recommend some common-sense spam filtering.

Check your site, every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The moment something hits the front page, someone should be there to say, “This is blatant spam… and now it’s gone.”

Or, just bring back the bury button. That may be even easier.

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