HD Televisions and How to Get the Most Out of Them

High Definition TV
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When it comes to TVs, I am far from educated. Just last week while shopping for a new one, I found myself standing in the TV aisle of Best Buy with a perplexed look on my face. No matter what quality TV you purchase, you will not be able to notice much of a difference unless you program it to give you the best picture possible. Unlike you would think, TVs do not come out of the box ready to use at their optimum potential.

TV’s are slowly replacing computers. All of the same functions on a computer are becoming available on televisions. Facebook advertising is, even now, being seen on 72 inch television screens! Buying yourself a quality TV will, in the near future, become much more important then an HD computer screen. According to MSNBC.com, there are five settings to fiddle with in order to get the best possible viewing image.

Picture Size for Broadcast or Cable – Those black bars on the side of the screen may be distracting but, it produces a higher quality picture than if you were to stretch it to fit the entire screen. When the image is stretched, it is distorted and looses quality. If you have HD stations from your cable company, those are programmed to fit wide screen TV’s and will fill the screen with high quality when you flip to one of those stations.

Picture Size for DVDs – DVD’s will tend to have the same issues as cable stations because they are originally created for a 4:3 ratio television. When you purchase an HD TV, the picture ratio changes to 16:9. The DVD will play in the 4:3 ratio that it was created for unless you go and change that.

Audio Output – HD TV’s have a special output place where you can attach a home theater system. This will allow you to not only watch your movies and shows in HD but also, hear them in HD. The TV’s built in speakers do not give off the high quality sound on their own.

Label Your Inputs – When it comes time to switching inputs, it is much easier to click on the input labeled “Cable” or “DVD Player” than to have to remember that input 1 is DVD and input 6 is the cable. these can be changed under most “settings”.

Program Your Remotes – There is nothing more aggravating than having a different remote for powering the TV, changing the volume, and another for the DVD player and changing the cable stations. Take the time to program one that will be able to control all of the functions. Locate the owners manual to the remote, in the back there should be a long list of codes for programming it to different manufacturers products. It does not matter if your TV is Panasonic and the DVD player is Sony. They can both be programmed to the same remote with a little effort.

With constantly changing technology it can be hard to keep up. You may think that your TV is out of date because of the lack of quality compared to the displays in the stores. The truth is, it probably is not. It takes a little fiddling to get your picture looking as clean and crisp as the ones in Best Buy, so get to it and enjoy your newly progamed TV!

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