Automotive SEO: Link Building

I’ve said it many times before and you’ve likely heard it from other sources as well, “Content is King”. If we believe this to be true, then link building also called a backlink is most definitely the queen of seo. The reason you must have more than just quality content is that Google (and other search engines) evaluate both the […]

Dealer SEO: The Forum

In the last article we discussed how to use a blog as part of your search engine optimization strategy. Unlike a blog, a community forum is a discussion board. Here you will find members and moderators engaging by posting questions and answers and generally discussing common problems. Forums encourage your users to come back again and again by facilitating interaction […]

Online Marketing: The Key to Manipulation

Don’t Cheat! You would probably expect someone who tout’s himself as the master of all things digital to claim to have some super cheat code to search engine optimization and Social Media Marketing right? Hire me and I’ll let you into my “SEO cool club” and you too can get thousands of visitors a day to your website and money […]

Dealer SEO – Content Creation

Creating unique or original content is key to your long term SEO success. Your content is what visitors will use to judge value and one of the key elements that search engines use to rank your site. Whether or not you end up on page 1 or page 100 is largely dependent upon the quality and relevance of your content.

Automotive SEO: Advanced Site Structure

In the last article I discussed basic website structure. Once the basic website structure of your site is set up, you can use several other advanced structural techniques to optimize your site for SEO purposes. It may seem counter-intuitive, but in addition to having your content indexed, you may want to tell search engines not to index a particular page. […]

Dealer SEO: Basic Site Structure

Optimized website structure and design determines the performance of your website. This is what makes it easy or difficult for users to navigate or search engines to find your content. Balance is important. You need to balance the design of your site between the needs of your users and the search engines. To be successful your site needs to provide […]

Online Marketing: The Blog pt1 – your SEO engine

To blog or not to blog-that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler on the internet to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous SEO, Or to take arms against a sea of traffic And, by opposing end it. To digg, to nofollow link No More-and by nofollow link to say we end The traffic and the thousands of natural pageviews… […]

Automotive SEO – Page Creation

In my last article we discussed keyword generation. It is only natural then that we should next talk about the pages upon which your keywords should be targeted… When it comes to SEO, it is important to keep in mind that search engines don’t actually rank websites. Search engines rank individual web pages, thus, in order to be successful with […]

Dealer SEO – A Few Words about Keywords

Keyword Generation Keyword generation is one of the most important components of a successful SEO campaign. All keywords are NOT created equally. Some keywords are easier to rank for than others and some require more than just a proficient level of skill to rank for – they require alliances! Sounds like a new survivor episode right? Broad or “short tail” […]

Online Marketing: The Website Pt. 2 – Build your House

So you’ve accepted that your foundation was broken and now you’ve got a new one (see Online Marketing: The Website Pt.1 before you proceed). Great! You’ve got the right team or the best website provider in the biz, a STRONG foundation right? Now what? Time to begin building your house! Like all houses, you need to start with a floor and […]

Ready? On your mark… Get set… SEO!

Getting started with search engine optimization can seem a daunting task. You’re starting with nothing and you know you need to build pages of content and links, etc. But this is the part where you don’t look at the big picture. When I began, I was still selling cars in the dealership and trying to do web design and learn […]

Online Marketing: The Website Pt. 1 – A Look into YOUR Virtual Business

The Website Oooooh. Sends chills down your spine right? LOL OK so we’re not talking about the most emotionally inspiring topic, but it is quite possibly the most important. A lot of people view the website as the beginning – where it all starts. But really it is quite the opposite. This is where is all ends, if you’re doing […]

SEO – a brief history

Search engine optimization is the process of setting up a website so that it ranks well for specific keywords with in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Unlike search engine marketing (SEM), also called PPC (pay-per-click) which requires that you pay for every click sent to your website from a search […]

Online Marketing – The broad strokes…

The Broad Strokes Online Marketing… Its a really broad term. How is it different than SEO or SEM or Social Media or Digital Marketing etc? Online Marketing is the game plan. It’s the coaches playbook. Its the summation of all those other components used as part of your strategy to generate leads or traffic or phone calls or clicks or […]