Author: Zach Billings

Facebook Adds Trending

Facebook is on the bleeding edge, the hippest of the hip and the newest of the new, that’s why this week they decided to officially roll out a new feature that has only been on Twitter for oh, about…forever? We are, of course, talking about the new trending function. Some of you may have seen this phase in and out […]

Pinterest Strengthens Search

Pinterest has been growing in popularity month over month, but that hasn’t stopped them from expanding their product. Much like Facebook, the pin-board social network keeps making changes large and small as it grows, trying to deliver the best product possible to both its users and advertisers. Today, they have made a large step forward by acquiring the search-focused company […]

Pew Internet Life Survey Numbers for Social Networks

Last week the Pew Internet and American Life Project released some new data, and today we want to share a little bit of that data with you, specifically the data pertaining to the way Americans are using social networks. It’s no surprise that Facebook is still dominating the social scene overall (despite all the people claiming they’re sick of the […]

Facebook Pay to Play?

For years now, advertisers have been spoiled by Facebook. Maybe that’s not how we thought of it, but it’s the truth. We used to spend time and money trying to figure out who our audience was and how to reach them, then Facebook came along and our customers kindly gave all of their information and sorted themselves into easily searchable […]

Adding Your Blog to Alltop

Adding Your Blog to Alltop

Have you ever thought about submitting your blog to Alltop? If you’re doing SEO right, you have a blog, and more exposure for said blog can only ever be a good thing. Alltop is an “online magazine rack” that brings together blogs from all different fields. It aggregates all of these different blogs into categories and delivers them on one […]

Teens Leaving Facebook

  Facebook has long been considered the dominant marketing platform as far as social media is concerned, but is that still true? Sure, the numbers are still huge, but the problem stems from who makes up those numbers. An increasingly large amount of parents and grandparents are getting in on the Facebook game, and now, they dominate the platform. Just […]

The ROI of Facebook Ads

Traditionally, it has been hard to track the ROI of social media, but Facebook has been making things a lot more quantifiable. Advertisers have been doing research, and now we have some hard numbers to share with you, courtesy of the new report released by Nanigans. Let’s take a look at Facebook’s ROI and what it means for your social […]

Bing it On! Fact or Fraud

If you watch television at all, you’ve probably seen the commercial for Microsoft’s Bing it On campaign (if you don’t watch television, you should check it out, there’s some great stuff on there, I personally recommend Breaking Bad.) In case you haven’t seen it, Bing it On is essentially a blind comparison between Bing and Google, a la Pepsi and […]

Social Customer Service

Even the best businesses sometimes have unhappy customers. That’s just the reality of doing business. What separates the good businesses from the bad is how they handle their customer service when there is a complaint. It was easier in the past. Customers would ask to speak to a manager or they would call a customer service hotline and you could […]

Use Excel in Bing Optimization

Excel is an enormous part of the business world. Windows comes on most machines and Excel comes with most copies of Windows, so it’s not surprising that it’s become the spreadsheet tool of choice. In addition to being nearly ubiquitous, Excel is also a powerful tool. People make careers out of being particularly good at it. It’s a great way […]

Facebook Hashtags May Hurt Engagement

Hashtags have been a goldmine on Twitter, this much we know for a fact. Tweets with hashtags do better than Tweets without, especially if the hashtag is something that is starting to trend at the moment. The success of the hashtag on Twitter (and to a lesser degree, Instagram) made everyone wonder when the tags would be making their Facebook […]

Free Professional Stock Photos for Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads have been becoming more and more popular over the past few months. You don’t even have to take my word for it though, you can just login and take a look at your newsfeed. Sponsored posts and stories abound, and it’s only trending upwards. Even on Facebook, content is king, and that’s especially true for visual content. Ads […]