Content Is King

There are a lot of articles and blogs out there offering things like “15 steps to optimize your site” or “10 things you need to change for the new Google updates” etc. The problem is most of these 15 steps are extraneous and skirt the real issue. If there is ONE thing you need to know about small business SEO […]

5 Tips For Local SEO Practices

5 Tips For Local SEO Practices

Every modern business knows the importance of SEO, but businesses who operate at the local level need to make sure they’re not overlooking to importance of local SEO. It happens too often that a local restaurant will drill into small business SEO, online marketing, and social media marketing, while completely neglecting the most important thing of all: LOCAL SEO!

Start Taking Advantage Of YouTube And Video Marketing

Video Marketing can be an excellent opportunity to to take advantage of the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube. A lot of companies are hesitant to get into video marketing because they think it will be too much effort and too expensive for equipment. The fact is that filming short videos these days can actually be pretty easy […]

Facebook Creates Video Guide For Optimizing Your Page

If you’re looking for good SEO advice Facebook probably wouldn’t be the first place you might go. However, the people over at Facebook are trying to change that. Along side an online marketing agency called Distilled, Facebook just launched a new video that will show users how to optimize their Facebook pages. This is the first video Facebook has done […]

Apple Comes Out With A Google Maps Competitor At WWDC

Someone has finally stepped up and challenged the giant that is Google Maps. Whether or not this turns out to be a fool hardy move remains to be seen but Apple has developed a competitor for Google Maps. They announced the product OpenStreetMap at the Worldwide Developers Conference, not a totally surprising move for a company known for its love […]

Make Your Website Relevant With More Than Just Keywords

We have all heard about the changing Google algorithms and claims that they “understand the world a bit more like people do.” If you haven’t and you run a website or a business please give us at Wikimotive a call, we have a lot to talk about. Many people in the industry have been panicking over these updates claiming that […]

Facebook Acquires The Pieceable Team For Mobile Innovation

Facebook has had a bit of a rough time since their IPO despite being one of the most hyped IPO’s of all time. Since mid May when they went public Facebook has been trying to boost their stock prices from the initial dive they took. In an effort to become more mobile relevant and boost mobile revenues Facebook has recently […]

American Sports Fans On Social Media

According to a recent study sports fans are getting their news and other sports content through social media and mobile devices more and more. In 2012 so far 26% of sports fans follow leagues teams and players through social media. Last year that number was only 15%. 22% of sports fans said that they use their mobile devices to get […]

Twitter Makes Cross Posting To Facebook More Seamless

Twitter just recently tweaked the way that usernames, hashtags, and photos are cross posted to Facebook. This adjustment is going to make cross posting for your social media marketing a little more seamless. “The updated Twitter for Facebook integration now includes additional rich media experiences related to the first photo, URL, @mention or #hashtag in the cross-posted tweet,” Twitter spokesman […]

Increase Your Blog Readership By Following These 5 Steps

Increasing your blog traffic can be a difficult task, just throwing some content up on your site no matter how good the content is, isn’t going to cut it. If you are struggling to build a decent readership you might be over looking these easy to follow guidelines that will help you make a better blog. You have to market […]

Facebook Introduces Three New Features For Facebook Marketers

Facebook made a few new updates for the month of June that Facebook Marketing experts should be very interested in. These updates show an interesting shift in Facebook’s attitude toward those of us who use it for marketing. All of the three updates that I will cover are a long time coming and will make Facebook Marketing more convenient.

Google Launches Webmaster Academy For Beginner Webmasters

Google Launches Webmaster Academy For Beginner Webmasters

Google just recently launched a new awesome service through Webmaster Tools for learning how to make a site that preforms well in Google search results. It’s called Webmaster Academy and it’s a comprehensive guide on how to make your website great and covers everything from how to use Webmaster tools to creating and syndicating content through social media. This guide […]

New Study Shows Social Media Starting To Replace Face-To-Face Interaction

IBM recently did a study with 1,700 different CEO’s in 64 countries to discuss changes in the way business is conducted these days. The topic of discussion was how they engage with their customers. Each was asked how they go about engaging with their customers today and how they see that changing in 3-5 years. Unsurprisingly social media marketing was […]

New Study Shows Marketers Are Clueless About Social Media

Despite all the buzz about social media these days only 49% of marketers have fully integrated it into their internet marketing strategy. This is according to a study done by Forrester Research based on 99 CMOs and marketing VPs in February of this year. The odd thing is that the same study also reveals that the same people are very […]

Google Introduces AdWords For YouTube Video

It used to be that you needed big bucks to advertise via video.  The internet has certainly changed that, but you have still always needed a substantial investment to get a quality commercial completed and actually scene by anyone.  Well, Google is working to change all that, and it should make a big splash in the world of online marketing.

New Bill Supports User Privacy On Facebook

A new bill proposed by New York and Illinois Democrats Eliot Engel and Jan Schakowsky will change the way employers use Facebook when searching for new employees. The bill is known as the “Social Networking Online Protection Act” or SNOPA and it addresses the growing practice of pre-employment Facebook screenings, intending to make the practice itself illegal. Many employers have […]

Google Releases About 50 Algorithm Updates For April

Early this month Google released another string of algorithm updates. About 50 of them to be exact, luckily we have narrowed the field down to only a few that you really should be paying attention to. You may need to adjust your small business SEO strategy so pay attention.

New Study Reveals More About How Millennials Use Facebook

New Study Reveals More About How Millennials Use Facebook

Millennials make up the core of the Facebook users, they are the people who are between the ages of 18-29 and have grown up in the age of social media. They have made social platforms like Facebook a daily part of their lives and will check in for everything from world news to what their friends are doing. So when […]

Google Is Officially The Social Platform For The Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention will convene in Tampa Florida from August 27-30. During that time they have chosen Google to be their “official social platform and live stream provider.” Google will provide coverage of RNC events, programs and interviews via Google+ and YouTube. This should have a major impact for the GOP online reputation management.