The History of Facebook Advertising [Infographic]

Originally posted on Masahable As Facebook has grown from a collegiate social network to a site that gets action from 7.3% of the world’s population, it has also evolved into a marketing tool. One report estimated that advertisers will spend $4 billion on Facebook advertising this year. Facebook didn’t come out of the gate as a marketing-friendly product in 2004, and it has […]

7 Ways to Kill the News Ticker on Facebook

This homepage ticker is going to give me a migraine. It shows if you have chat open, and if you close chat, it takes residence above the ads and everything else. Seriously, that’s too distracting. The eye is naturally drawn to movement, and Facebook has already given me attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Do You Hate the New Facebook?

Complaints about Facebook’s changes to the site today defy measurement. Publicly visible status updates that complain appear to be going up as public status updates at least once every ten seconds. Comments on these posts are going up much faster than we can count. Plus we have no way to tally the number of complaining posts using the new privacy settings to limit visibility to friends. So is the technology […]

Facebook News Ticker Redesign Explained

Facebook has redesigned the news feed (again!) and officially launched a ticker in the right-hand side of the screen. Users have been seeing both of these changes in beta test versions in recent weeks, but today they go live across the site. While the news feed and ticker at first seem like duplicates of one another, the latter looks like a skinnier version of the […]

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. While automotive Facebook marketing is on the rise among small businesses, many are still struggling to master the basics. “Many people have difficulty with just the basic Page set up,” says social media marketing consultant Nicole Krug. “For example, […]

Facebook hits 1 TRILLION Page Views

  First reported by Fox News Facebook has officially hit 1 trillion page views, according to figures released for web traffic in June, Time magazine’s TechLand column reports. According to Time, those 870 million visitors are around 120 million greater than Facebook’s reported total number of registered users. The discrepancy may be due to non-Facebook members visiting the site from […]

When Reputation Does Not Matter

Since we’re just about to approach the height of the reputation management craze I figure now is an excellent time to talk about what happens when it doesn’t matter again. Or will it? Recently, I blogged about my stay at The Union Bluff hotel in York Beach, Maine which was somewhat sub par. This particular stay made me think, though. […]

Facebook Fans: Are You Marketing to the Wrong People?

You’re Missing The Buyer! Facebook is an exciting medium. There are amazing success stories and equally amazing monumental failures. Everyone seems to know that they need to be “on Facebook,” but very few people seem to know why other than to say that it’s “where your consumers are” or “you’re missing out on free advertising” or “its the most exciting […]

Automotive SEO: Google Blasts Sites That Regurgitate Content

What does this mean to the future of Automotive SEO? Google announced a major change to the google algorithm today. So what does it mean? This change has effected 11.8% of websites. The goal? To weed out “low quality” websites. “Sites that copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful.” I shudder to even quote […]

Automotive Marketing Bootcamp: A Polarizing Event

Controversy is GOOD! There has been much controversy over the last couple weeks surrounding the Automotive Marketing Bootcamp and the Digital Dealer 10 conference. Some have taken sides, some have remained neutral, but more importantly, people are talking and they are talking about dealer education!

9 Social Media Guidelines Your Dealer May Want To Follow

9 Guidelines for Social Media Participation at (Insert your Dealership Name) These guidelines apply to (Dealership) employees or contractors who create or contribute to blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds, or any other kind of Social Media. Whether you log into Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, or comment on online media stories – these guidelines are for you. While all (Dealership) […]

Wikimotive to sponsor Napa Festivities at DMSC!

Wikimotive to sponsor Napa Festivities at DMSC!

Wikimotive Social Media Superstar Sponsors Social Events at DMSC Wikimotive has stepped up to the plate and sponsored the bus transportation to and from the dinner events at PCG’s Digital Marketing Strategies Conference scheduled this February in Napa Valley prior to NADA! Apropos that the Social Media Superstar sponsor the “Social Events” at the greatly anticipated summit! Conference details below. […]

Facebook Marketing for Car Dealers 101

  3 Reasons Car Dealers Fail at Facebook Marketing #1 The Wrong Questions Dealer’s are constantly asking me how they can drive more “In Market” or “Relevant Fans/Likes” to their facebook pages. It is in the question itself that dealers go wrong. Social Media isn’t a trick. You can’t approach it by prejudging the value of one fan or like […]

Dealer SEO: Create Pay-per-Click Campaigns

The goal for search engine optimization is to rank for free within the organic search results for your target keywords. In contrast, with pay-per click (sometimes called search engine marketing or SEM)your goal is to pay for placement by competing with other advertisers for ranking within the sponsored results section. With organic listing there is no charge when someone clicks […]

Automotive SEO: Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) is a type of online marketing that specifically focuses on participating on various social media sites in order to generate traffic, buzz, and back-links to your website. Social media sites are made up of social news sites like Digg, Sphinn and StumbleUpon; video sharing sites like YouTube and Revver; and social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn […]

Dealer SEO: Google Analytics

Dealer SEO: Google Analytics

Google provides a free analytics solution designed to give you a complete view of every aspect of activity on your website. Possessing the ability to properly analyze and understand all the various data Google provides to you will give you an edge over the competition in terms of your SEO strategy. Additionally, Google Analytics gives you the high level view […]

The Biggest Mistake Marketing Professionals Make With Social Media Marketing

They ask, “How can I get “RELEVANT” or “IN MARKET” fans/likes/followers to join/like/follow my fan page/tweets?” ANSWER: YOU CAN’T TRICK SOCIAL MEDIA! First of all, the “relevant” fans/followers are the ones who WANT to like/follow you! If a human being made the conscious decision to spend time exposing themselves to your brand, why would you ever be so presumptuous to […]