Your Content Will Suck at First, and That’s OK

Your Content Will Suck at First, and That's OK

Creating amazing content sounds so simple if you listen to all of the experts. “Quality over quantity,” they say. “Create value,” they say. And the don’t forget the always-popular “Content is king!”

Here at Wikimotive, we’ve been guilty of giving this broad advice on occasion. It’s easy for us to say that as an automotive SEO company, but what about the small businesses and fledgling marketers just beginning to wrap their head around the concept of SEO and content marketing?

I know you’re out there, and this is for you!

To help ease the tension that’s likely building in your mind, just relax for a second and realize one thing: your content will probably suck for a while. I don’t say that to be mean, or to belittle your efforts. I say that because my content sucked for a while too.

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Creating Holiday-Specific Inventory Posts on Social Media

Holiday Posts Facebook

The Holiday Season is the perfect time to utilize inventory posts to your social networks, especially Facebook.

Tis’ the season to share in the joy and now as the dealer, it is your opportunity to incorporate that festiveness into posts you create for your automotive social media campaigns.

Using a VDP page from your dealership website, you can become inspired by the colors of your vehicle selection to the attitude your model portrays.

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5 Ways Car Dealers Can Stand Out on Facebook

Stand Out on Facebook

One of the most difficult things businesses seem to struggle with in the their online marketing efforts is social media. While it’s not new by the web’s standards, businesses have only just begun to tap into its true potential over the last couple of years.

In the automotive industry, car dealers who previously questioned the value of automotive social media marketing are beginning to understand its value. With Facebook becoming a great advertising platform, on top of a platform to connect with customers and brand your business, car dealers have an opportunity to  sell more cars for a fraction of what it would normally cost.

Let’s take a look at ways dealerships can stand out on Facebook.

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4 Great Examples of Social Media Posts for Car Dealers

Dealership Facebook Post Examples

Tying to grow your Facebook page without a strategy is like jumping into a lake not knowing how to swim. It is that simple. Not having a Facebook strategy automatically sets your page up for failure.

Knowing the type of audience you want to attract and the kinds of posts to use to attract them are the two main factors in creating a page that will swim amongst the sea of competition.

Each and every dealership has objectives and goals they want to meet and a majority of the desired results highly depend on the customers you reach.

Everything you need to know about how to connect with your potential and existing customers is right in front of you; it just needs to be broken down to better understand how to utilize what you already have.

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Interactive Debate: Which Facebook Page Call-to-Action Button is Best?

Interactive Social Media Debate

Facebook recently announced there will be new call-to-action buttons coming to U.S. pages by the end of the year and worldwide in 2015.

These call-to-action buttons will display on the cover photo of a Facebook page conveniently located next to the “Like” button.

The purpose of call-to-action buttons on Facebook Pages is to bring the business objective to the forefront of the page and to link domains located on or off Facebook that are in-line with your business’s goal.

Page Admins will have the ability to choose from seven call-to-action buttons, but only four of the seven will actually be effective for dealerships.

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50% Off First 3 Months of ALL Wikimotive Services Through December 20th

Wikimotive Year-End Promotion

With the holiday season, we know dealerships are looking to save money as sales slow down during the cold winter months.

But while marketing budgets shrink and hold out for President’s Day and then spring, there’s still work to be done to gain a competitive edge in your area–especially in search and social media.

To help dealers build the momentum needed to increase sales in 2015, Wikimotive is giving new clients 50% off their first three months of service through December 20th!

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3 Facebook Overly Promotional Page Posts to Avoid in 2015

Facebook Overly Promotional Page Posts

A change is sure to come to Facebook in 2015, as the company starts cracking down on overly promotional page posts. A new algorithm shift will penalize any posts that are conveyed like a sales pitch or urging people to take an action.

The Change in the Facebook News Feed

The Facebook News Feed is where your Facebook page is seen the most through the posts you share on your page. This is where Facebook users take actions on your posts, and depending on how the post is constructed, it can either appeal or appall an audience.

Recently, Facebook conducted a study that concluded with many Facebook users preferring Facebook Ads over intrusive overly promotional page posts that are shared organically and displayed within news feeds.

Facebook Survey Says…

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Why Your Business Should Focus More on Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords

When business owners think of SEO, they most likely think of ranking #1 for the most obvious search terms in their area. And while those are arguably the most high-value single targets for your SEO efforts, these terms, such as “[SERVICE] in [CITY],” are also the most competitive.

Because of this, businesses should explore options for long tail keywords when doing keyword research for SEO campaigns.

Long tail keywords, on top of being easier targets, have a lot of unique advantages over their short tail brethren that can open up a lot of doors for businesses looking to increase conversions.

So the next time you’re thinking about the importance of specific keywords in the grand scheme of your overall SEO strategy, keep the following points in mind!

(Because Wikimotive works primarily with car dealers, and automotive SEO is highly competitive,  I’ll use them as the most relevant examples throughout this post.)

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Which Facebook Ads Provide Tangible ROI for Dealerships?

Facebook Ads ROI

Love them or hate them, Facebook Ads have become a standard aspect of Facebook marketing.

Since organic reach on Facebook is pretty much dead, the only true way to reach an audience of any value to your Facebook Page is to apply Facebook Ads, but which ones truly work?

There are 3 types of Facebook Ads that should be integrated into your Facebook marketing so you can measure success of the page, its posts and advertisements; yes there is a way to advertise on Facebook that is seen on its platform rather than your page.

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6 Underutilized Tips to Make the Facebook Algorithm LOVE Your Page

Facebook Algorithm

When it comes to the Facebook algorithm, we are all striving for its attention. We post, we engage and we try to do the best Facebook marketing we can to make our own pages and client’s pages a success.

It is an arduous task to try and monitor and maintain a Facebook page the way Facebook wants you to in order for its algorithm to take notice.

Many of its users are already aware that Facebook likes comments and shares triggers Facebook, notifying it that your page has gained traction and some authority.

The buck pretty much stops there for many, as those particular social actions are what everyone talks about within blog posts and tips on how to increase reach within Facebook.

There is a lot more to getting the Facebook algorithm to like your Facebook business page then those three well-known social actions.

To understand the Facebook algorithm you must see it as a mixture of a website and how search engines operate. Although, instead of keywords, Facebook utilizes social actions and content to see how far your pages reach will be seen within News Feeds, which is much like a search engine.

Here are 6 underutilized tips that help the Facebook algorithm to like your page:

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