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Don’t Panic: Facebook’s 2014 Newsfeed Redesign is Subtle

by Erin Ryan on March 6, 2014

facebook newsfeed redesign

Yet again, we are looking at new changes to the Facebook Newsfeed. This time last year, Facebook showed off a concept redesign and overhaul of its look to users. This time around, however, there won’t be too much of a noticeable difference.

Yet with every change to social networks, especially Facebook, as a digital marketing company or Facebook user, you should be aware of what is happening in the instance that it may affect your business. Luckily, the pending changes to the Facebook Newsfeed are not one to alarm marketers. The changes are quite subtle — in fact, they will hardly be noticeable.

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3 Important Tips on Writing for the Web

by Mark Frost on March 4, 2014

tips on writing for the web

As an editor, I often deal with new writers who have little to no experience writing outside of school essays, email, and social media updates. I get a lot of tightly-worded paragraphs and over-the-top word choices in many of the examples from these writers. It’s great to know they’ll take the job seriously enough to put in essay-quality effort, but I’m looking for writing that’s polished, yet simple.

Here are a few tips on writing for the web to make your writing easier to focus on, informative, and more attractive to online readers.

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How to Use Guest Blogging in 2014

by Mark Frost on February 25, 2014

guest blogging in 2014

In January, we told you that guest blogging is a bad idea, and for the most part that is very true. The practice has evolved into a tactic used by spammers to gain links for specific keywords and becomes less and less associated with relevant blogger-to-blogger relations.

This information was recently passed down by Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, so we know it’s a serious issue. Because when Matt speaks on trends in linkbuilding, everyone listens and follows suit.

But the act of making a “guest” post on another site is still a great way for bloggers to reach a new audience and build a portfolio that ultimately translates into a higher reputation within their targeted community. It’s also a great way for blog owners to post information and expert opinions on topics they feel uncomfortable writing about themselves.

So, moving forward in 2014, how do you still accept guest posts on your blog or reach out to other blogs as a guest blogger without getting caught up in something Google frowns upon?

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5 Ideas for Your New Business’s Facebook Page

by Mark Frost on February 21, 2014

business facebook page

Starting a Facebook page for your business seems like a simple enough task, but if you want to take social media seriously, you’ll need to realize that it’s an investment. You won’t develop an audience overnight, and you’ll have to put a little cash down to expose your business to users; however, a small amount of your time and money can work wonders for your business in the long run.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can get your new Facebook page off the ground and in front of the people most important to your business — customers.

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How to Get Your Local Business Online

by Mark Frost on February 20, 2014

local business online

If you’ve recently started a business in your community, you’re probably thinking of traditional marketing strategies to help get the word out and develop a customer base. This could include emailing the local paper for coverage, buying billboard space, sponsoring events, or simply networking with other businesses and local professionals.

But the most important factor you’re likely overlooking is your local business’s online presence.

More than ever, people are going online to search for information on local businesses, and you want them to be able to find yours. Here’s a quick rundown of what users are looking for and how you can make sure they land on your business and not your competition.

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Mark Frost Joins Wikimotive’s Content Team as Director

by Timothy Martell on February 19, 2014

Mark Frost Joins Wikimotive's Content Team as Director

We’re back again with another exciting team announcement!

After recently joining Wikimotive as a social media representative, Mark Frost will now head up the company’s content team as Director of Content.

In his new role, Mark will manage our growing list of client’s website content, as well as Wikimotive’s blog as a resource for businesses to learn more about blogging and social media marketing as services to boost search engine rankings and customer relations.

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Amanda Ryan Has Joined the Wikimotive Team!

by Timothy Martell on February 18, 2014

Amanda Ryan has Joined the Wikimotive TeamWe are growing quite quickly, and in that success we are happy to expand the Wikimotive family by building a memorable team of passionate and dedicated people.

Some people exude their passions to the point that their attention to detail is significant in everything they produce. This kind of standard is difficult to find, and that’s why we’re bringing Amanda Ryan on as our Social Media Manager.

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The Best Way to Learn SEO

by Daniel Hinds on February 14, 2014

Wikimotive Panda Penguin

One of the most common questions we get asked is “What is the best way to learn SEO?” There are a few obvious places to start, I would in particular recommend the Moz blog (especially the community posts), Matt Cutt’s Google Webmaster Help videos, and (of course) the Wikimotive blog we write here daily. If you really want to get down into it though and learn how search engine optimization lives and breathes, I only have one recommendation.

Start a test website.

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Google Page Layout Algorithm Refresh

by wikimotive2 on February 13, 2014

Google AdWords VisibilityHave your rankings been a little tumultuous lately? We here at Wikimotive pay very close attention to the minute fluctuations rankings can take on even a day to day timeline, and this past week has been especially puzzling. Well, it was puzzling anyway, until an announcement from Matt Cutts today shed some light on the search engine optimization roller coaster.

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Why the Facebook Fraud Video is Not Completely Accurate

by Erin Ryan on February 12, 2014

Facebook Fraud Video Inaccurate

The Facebook Fraud video has gone viral. If you haven’t had the chance to see it for yourself, be sure to check it out:

I have been asked my opinion on the topic and thought it would be best to share my opinions on the Facebook Fraud video through a blog post. As a person who supports Facebook Advertising and what it can accomplish for Facebook Pages, its issues do need to be properly addressed; however, this video does not do that.

I’m not stating that the results that Veritasium have calculated are false, but the results may have been skewed, as the video doesn’t fully explain the targeting process.

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