Embrace Social Media For Better Customer Relationships

Embrace Social Media

When it comes to selling cars, dealerships do all they can to get the most out of leads. But when someone comes in and is ready to buy, once they’ve completed that process, the relationship tends to end. The customer moves on with their new car and salespeople focus on the next sale.

However, with social media keeping businesses connected with customers, there’s no reason your dealership’s Facebook page can’t see a huge boost from offline customers. Here’s why its important to promote your Facebook and other social media profiles, and a few things you can do to connect your offline customers with your online business:

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What Car Dealers Need to Know About Pinterest

Pinterest for Car Dealers

When it comes to social media marketing, the last site you’re probably thinking of adding to your repertoire is Pinterest. The site is known for its large female user base, collections of clothes, decorating ideas, and DIY tips and tricks; however, with its unique spin on social bookmarking, car dealers can use their inventory to reach an entirely new social audience.

What is Pinterest?

Before we go any further, it’s probably best to give a brief introduction to Pinterest. Because unlike Facebook and Twitter, which are in-your-face mainstream services used by nearly every business on the planet, Pinterest is only just now maturing.

Pinterest provides a way for people to collect things–articles, images, products–they like from across the web and share them.  It’s a virtual bulletin board. Users “pin” items to “boards,” which are typically dedicated to a specific topic, but are ultimately a preference. For instance, some users may have boards for different fashion trends to publicly show off what they’re looking to buy next season while others may have boards dedicated to recipes and cooking tips to keep track of things they’d like to cook.

But Pinterest has evolved into more than just a site for people to pine over fashion trends and recipes. It’s a hub for real ecommerce that every business has the opportunity to take advantage of by providing Pinterest users with access to your inventory.

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Why Leadership is Important for Car Dealers

Automotive Social Media Leadership

Leadership is a word we hear often, and at times it can be over used and therefore misunderstood. But leadership is not just a word, it is an action. It is a role many struggle to uphold because it is not one that can be mastered. Instead, it is a commitment to life-long learning about oneself and the roles that come with being a leader.

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5 Types of Content Your Dealership Needs to Create

Content is King

One of the most popular sayings  amongst internet marketers is “Content is king.” We all know this is true, but make sure you’re not just talking the talk and writing exclusively for search engines. Because while that used to be a worthwhile strategy, the key to outranking your competition now isn’t through optimization, it’s through content marketing.

In 2014, people expect quality. You can’t get away with half-assed content anymore. The most effective SEO strategy is to stop trying to find a way around Google and simply focus on providing value to users.

Add the following types of posts to your automotive SEO efforts for a more robust strategy that encourages consistent growth.

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How to Attract Social Media Users to Your Dealership

Automotive Social Media Marketing

Your dealership is probably struggling to see the ROI from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You want to sell cars through social media–despite marketers saying that’s the wrong approach–but are unsure of how to properly attract social media users to your profiles.

So what if I told you that you could not only defy what most automotive marketers think is possible while also building a community around your brand. That would interest you, right?

I thought so.

Now, before you can run off with all of those potential sales, you have to walk. When working on a social media strategy, you first have to understand the user before you can even hope to sell something to them. Let’s talk about that.

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5 Things Your Employees Want More Than Money

Happy Employees

Today’s work culture has shifted drastically from what used to be expected. Talented job candidates and skilled employees are viewed as a finite resource by many companies, which are working harder and harder to make the turn the traditional workplace on its head.

Game rooms, full gourmet kitchens, nap stations, and designated free time are typical perks at today’s innovating top technology and digital marketing companies. But besides adding things that will make an office appear more laidback, what simple things can employees do to improve company moral in order to become a company people truly want to work for?

Here are a few things your employees want more than money, and how to create an environment in which employees feel motivated to do the absolute best job possible.

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How to Thrive Despite the Death of Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook Dislike

Facebook organic reach is dead…sort of.

There seems to be a lot of talk  in the social media marketing world about the death of Facebook organic reach without a better understanding as to why it had to die, and how your business can recover.

Why Did Facebook Organic Reach Die?

With 1.28 billion monthly active users, Facebook needed to create a filter. So instead of pushing all of the content on a user’s liked page to their News Feed–relying solely on social actions to filter content–the company attempted to limit the increasing amount of content that could appear on a user’s News Feed.

This allows users to see content from a wider variety of sources, and allows businesses to bid their way back in via Facebook Ads–all while making Facebook money. For Facebook and its users, it was a great decision.

Killing organic page reach completely could be the next logical step, as unimportant, low-quality posts that clog up the News Feed are what drive people away from Facebook.

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6 Things Great Leaders Do

Things Great Leaders Do
Oftentimes, great leaders are thought of as perfect people with the inability to make the same mistakes that plague common businesspeople. Contrary to that belief, however, is the fact that great leaders understand their mistakes and weaknesses better than anyone, and have worked hard to learn from them.

To help you change your mindset to realize that great leaders are made and not born, here are a few things great leaders do that you can apply to your business–whether it be a brick-and-mortar small business or a digital marketing company–in order to become a great leader yourself.

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Grow Your Facebook Page by Driving it Like a Sports Car


Your Facebook page is a lot like a sports car. It’s got a lot of moving parts, requires some dedicated maintenance to stay in working condition, and can be unreliable depending on who made it.

But how do I do all of this? What maintenance do I have to perform? How do I know my page is in good hands?

Okay, clearly you have a lot of questions about this process. But social media, while sometimes complicated, is often misunderstood and made to appear more complicated than it truly is.

Let’s assume you’ve just started a Facebook page for your company. Whether this task was pushed onto your plate by your boss or you’re a small business owner who does it all, you’re likely wondering where you go from here, right?

The process is daunting, but here’s a guide to stepping into the driver’s seat and putting your Facebook page into drive so it can help bring in sales and assist in building a solid reputation for your business.

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How to Produce Great Content for Social Media Success

Great Content

Great content should be both entertaining and informative. Oftentimes, especially on the web, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Plenty of content is entertaining–such as cat videos or memes–and there’s certainly plenty of informative content out there–the kind you’ll find on Wikipedia or wiseGEEK–but in order for your content to succeed on social media AND serve as a resource by standing the test of time, it has to entertain and inform people.

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