6 Things Great Leaders Do

Things Great Leaders Do
Oftentimes, great leaders are thought of as perfect people with the inability to make the same mistakes that plague common businesspeople. Contrary to that belief, however, is the fact that great leaders understand their mistakes and weaknesses better than anyone, and have worked hard to learn from them.

To help you change your mindset to realize that great leaders are made and not born, here are a few things great leaders do that you can apply to your business–whether it be a brick-and-mortar small business or a digital marketing company–in order to become a great leader yourself.

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Grow Your Facebook Page by Driving it Like a Sports Car


Your Facebook page is a lot like a sports car. It’s got a lot of moving parts, requires some dedicated maintenance to stay in working condition, and can be unreliable depending on who made it.

But how do I do all of this? What maintenance do I have to perform? How do I know my page is in good hands?

Okay, clearly you have a lot of questions about this process. But social media, while sometimes complicated, is often misunderstood and made to appear more complicated than it truly is.

Let’s assume you’ve just started a Facebook page for your company. Whether this task was pushed onto your plate by your boss or you’re a small business owner who does it all, you’re likely wondering where you go from here, right?

The process is daunting, but here’s a guide to stepping into the driver’s seat and putting your Facebook page into drive so it can help bring in sales and assist in building a solid reputation for your business.

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How to Produce Great Content for Social Media Success

Great Content

Great content should be both entertaining and informative. Oftentimes, especially on the web, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Plenty of content is entertaining–such as cat videos or memes–and there’s certainly plenty of informative content out there–the kind you’ll find on Wikipedia or wiseGEEK–but in order for your content to succeed on social media AND serve as a resource by standing the test of time, it has to entertain and inform people.

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Why Your Dealership Needs Social Signals

Social Signals

Each year, the web becomes more and more dominated by social media. But with the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and the social web came a big question: Does social media affect search rankings?

The answer: Absolutely. If you’ve incorporated social media into your existing SEO strategy, you’re likely seeing better results than a competitor who has yet to realize the potential of social media and its impact on car dealerships.

But why is that? What causes social media activity to influence search engines and add authority to pages?

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5 Reasons Why Dealers Should Tune into #GetYourSocialOn

Get Social!

There is a lot of pressure on dealerships to get started with social media. Many Internet Managers and employees are left with handling the brand’s social presence on top of their current position, usually forcing social media to be on the back burner. This is a huge mistake.

Some of the employees who are assigned social media understand it and some don’t. Either way, the majority still want to do a good job for their dealership. Those of you in this position know that social media feels like another full-time job, and in fact, when done correctly, it is.

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Website Providers are Destroying Dealerships and No One Seems to Care


Dealers, there’s something fishy going on with the major automotive website providers. Problems that affect search results are popping up left and right, but no one is willing to accept responsibility and fix the issues. Instead, there’s a brick wall of “Aw shucks, that’s the way things are. Guess you’ll have to deal with it.”

And I know what you’re thinking, but these are not isolated events with one rotten website provider. These issues are occurring with almost all providers in the industry.

I’m going to share a couple of my recent experiences, and I want to hear about the issues that your companies and dealers have faced when asking providers to fix problems with their systems.

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Why #CarPeeps Rock!

Car People Social Fist Bump

When you think about it, the Automotive Industry really isn’t all about cars, but instead, it is all about the people. Yes, the amazing people who happen to love cars are the ones who know how to make working in the Auto Industry rock.

A shining example of this happened on Monday April 28th 2014, when I decided to post an image of myself giving a “fist bump” (similar to that of a high five, but much cooler) to some people in the Auto Family. Although it wasn’t a special occasion, I spontaneously decided to give some Monday motivation through posting a fist bump photo because, well, they are awesome! [click to continue…]


Wikimotive’s Erin Ryan Talks Automotive Social Media Campaigns on MarketPunch Podcast

MarketPunch Podcast

After getting word of an incredible social media campaign called #CatMode, run by Jason Stum of LaFontaine Automotive Group, Wikimotive’s Erin Ryan jumped into action and sparked up conversation with Jason around automotive social media.

One thing led to another and she ended up being honored with a guest spot on Stum’s automotive marketing podcast, MarketPunch.

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Facebook Pages Now Display Total Post Likes Under Notifications


Facebook is always evolving. As it’s being developed (by hundreds of developers across the world), not every change is publicly announced. Instead, most changes simply abruptly appear on Facebook.

One of the most recent changes that may have gone unnoticed is the newly added “total likes” for posts, now displayed under the notifications tab.

Facebook Page owners have become accustomed to scrolling through their managed pages to see how well shared posts have done for the day. This can particularly become time consuming for multiple page owners and marketers.

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Wikimotive’s Amazing Adventure at the Epic #IS20G 2014

A look back at is20g 2014

Wikimotive attended this year’s Internet Sales 20 Group held in Atlantic City, New Jersey from April 8th to the 10th 2014. This amazing workshop is put on every year by one of the Automotive Industry’s leading subject matter experts, Sean V. Bradley, and it is where an all-star lineup of speakers, expert panelists, and presenters come together to share their combined automotive experience, insights, and knowledge.

Wikimotive’s very own Sean Joseph Haney flew to New Jersey to attend the Internet Sales 20 Group to develop professional relationships, interact one-on-one with fellow attendees, and to gain priceless knowledge about phone sales, CRM processes, business SEO, social media best practices and e-mail marketing, which this workshop offers.

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