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Google Launches Webmaster Academy For Beginner Webmasters

Google just recently launched a new awesome service through Webmaster Tools for learning how to make a site that preforms well in Google search results. It’s called Webmaster Academy and it’s a comprehensive guide on how to make your website great and covers everything from how to use Webmaster tools to creating and syndicating content […] Read More

Google Revamps Social Network Google+

Google released an update for their social network Google+ on Wednesday which included an all new look. The update introduced a revamped navigation as well as some new features focused around hangouts. They also updated the look of the profile pages making them more aesthetically appealing (and suspiciously similar to Facebook’s Timeline look). The update […] Read More

Study Shows Huge Social Media Impact For Automotive Sales And Service

In a recent study done by Sociable Labs it was revealed that a very significant number of Automotive shoppers are making purchasing decisions based on social sharing. Apparently 1 in 4 shoppers who are active on Facebook have made a vehicle or service department purchase based on recommendations they saw in their news feed. This […] Read More

OmniTouch, a Keyboard in the Palm of Your Hand

Internet marketing has been a rapidly growing field since the turn on the century. The internet has the power to reach an unending number of potential viewers. With Smartphone technology the number of people that internet marketing reaches has grown even more as well as the fact that it reaches most people instantaneously. It is […] Read More

The History of Facebook Advertising [Infographic]

Originally posted on Masahable As Facebook has grown from a collegiate social network to a site that gets action from 7.3% of the world’s population, it has also evolved into a marketing tool. One report estimated that advertisers will spend $4 billion on Facebook advertising this year. Facebook didn’t come out of the gate as a marketing-friendly product […] Read More

NewFacebook Marketing – We Begin Again

Just When You Thought You’d Figured It Out… I’m not going to lie, I had fun sharing the 7 Ways to Kill the Newsticker story and playing to the massive crowd of those of you who HATE the “NewFacebook”. The truth is, I actually like it. And while I knew we had only seen a […] Read More

Do You Hate the New Facebook?

Complaints about Facebook’s changes to the site today defy measurement. Publicly visible status updates that complain appear to be going up as public status updates at least once every ten seconds. Comments on these posts are going up much faster than we can count. Plus we have no way to tally the number of complaining posts using the new privacy settings to limit visibility to […] Read More

Facebook News Ticker Redesign Explained

Facebook has redesigned the news feed (again!) and officially launched a ticker in the right-hand side of the screen. Users have been seeing both of these changes in beta test versions in recent weeks, but today they go live across the site. While the news feed and ticker at first seem like duplicates of one another, the latter looks like […] Read More

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